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Unnamed Slovatik Miner

The worker's ID card

Non-Player Character
Game Killswitch
Species Undead (formerly Human)
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Birthdate Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Abilities Before death unknown; though he may have been a high-ranking employee such as a supervisor, considering that he has a keycard to a locked door. After death he has the abilities of a typical zombie
A man who Porto knew. He worked for Slovatik like all the other miners.

Unnamed Slovatik Miner is a man who Porto knew when he was still alive.[1] His name is never directly mentioned as of yet, but there is a worker ID card with his image upon it. Porto seems somewhat mortified by his passing, speaking in vaguely poetic terms such as "a dead man's image"[1], which indicates that they may have been friends at some point.

Shortly after Porto discovered his body, a failed attempt to open a door resulted in an alarm going off. This alarm somehow revived or woke up the miner, transforming him into a zombie.