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Porto in the gameplay video.

Player Character
Game Killswitch
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Birthdate Unknown
Height Varies
Weight Unknown
Abilities Lockpicking, mining (presumably), changing size at bizzare occasions, rudimentary knowledge of electronics
Porto is the only known survivor in the Slovatik mines. She may have inhaled Ghast.

Porto is a playable character in Killswitch. She is a young woman, probably a miner in the Slovatik mines. She dons odd apparel for a miner, a dress and short-sleeved shirt, apparently. It's assumed that Porto inhaled Ghast(and therefore gained her size-changing properties) at the end of Ghast's story, but no one really knows. [1]

At some point in her past, Porto somehow developed lockpicking skills[2], which may imply a criminal past. She also had some connection to the Unnamed Slovatik Worker, although whether they were friends or just co-workers in unknown.