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Bartos Chalupnik,[1] or Ghast1989 is a user on youtube supposeldy from the U.S. who has posted gameplay videos of Killswitch. No one knows how he managed to get a copy of the elusive game, although Ghast1989 claims that his father worked for the Karvina Corporation, and then left him a bunch of their games when he died.[2] He has enough coding skill to "tinker" with an emulator for whatever type of computer Killswitch runs on.[3] He was out of contact with his mother "until recently" by his own testimony

Ghast1989 also claims to be majoring in Computer Sciences in college, hence his ability to "tinker" with the game's code. Ghast1989's father was apparently more fluent in Czech than Ghast1989 was.[4] Ghast used a translator for responding to a spanish comment, proving he cannot speak spanish by himself. [5]

Despite being oblivious to the true identity of the KARVINACORP channel for the longest time, recently he specified that after his house was broken into, and the metal footlocker which he keeps Killswitch in had visible damage.[6]

Shortly after the break-in, Bartos noticed a tweet from KARVINACORP's twitter referencing the damage to his footlocker, posted a few days before the video.[7] Bartos stated in the description of his video after noticing the tweet that he is currently moving out of state and has never posted since. 

As of 2022, Ghast1989 has not been heard from for 7 years. At this point in time, he is presumed either hiding or deceased. 



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